The Inbetweeners Movie

30 Dec

Director: Ben Palmer

Writers: Iain Morris, Damon Beesley

Stars: James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas

UK Rating: 15

Runtime: 97 minutes

This film was one of the biggest grossing films at the UK box office this summer and went on to record some of the highest ever UK numbers for a comedy. It is the movie extension of the popular British show (2008 to 2010) about a group of 4 awkward, inept and generally crude teenage schoolboys. In the movie the 4 have just finished secondary school and take a cheap and cheerful holiday to Malia in Crete.

If you watched the TV series, then you know what to expect with the movie. If you missed it on TV, but can imagine what four 18 year old boys might get up to in one of Europe’s most hedonistic party resorts, then you know what to expect with the movie! And it’s all there – the lager louts, the dodgy clubs, fish bowls for cocktails, vomiting, fighting, chasing girls and waking up where you shouldn’t.

I loved the Inbetweeners TV series and I enjoyed this film. The two parts dovetail nicely as the film completes the boys’ painful ascent to some form of adulthood. However, the movie is not as successful as the 25 minute episodes were because of the wider canvas and longer runtime. There are great set pieces – Neil, Will and Simon dancing in an empty club – but there are gaps in the gags and too much time is spent on Simon’s storyline (when you really need more Neil and Jay).

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